How to use KODI on TV

The new rage in Home entertainment: How to use KODI on TV

KODI is a simple and useful multimedia application that turns your TV into a very smart TV. According to acclaimed reviewers, it has become the best entertainment application to have at home, especially because it offers free content at a zero cost. If you wondered how to use KODI on TV, the app can be downloaded from its webpage and it is available in different platforms.

The basic requirements to have KODI on your TV is to own a Smart TV. This generation of TVs comes with access to the internet which is the elementary tool to download, install and use KODI on your TV.  Another requirement for the use of KODI is the remote control for your Smart TV, and perhaps this is the easiest and most basic requirement. Once you have installed KODI and set it up, it is time to browse, click play and enjoy the best streaming media content available.

Basic pointers on how to use KODI on TV

The main screen for KODI will show the options you can select to watch the different content you desire. Movies, TV shows, and even music are among the categories. If you click on any these, you will enter a menu to choose from watching any content located in a local storage, named Files, and from Video add-ons, in case you enter the main category of Videos from the main menu.


The first option will open KODI’s File Manager, where you will browse the folder and files from any storage device connected to your PC, and select them to add them to the KODI media library. The last option will take to a list where you can select your stream provider. Similar to an update for a PC software program, KODI has an add-on system. These add-ons represent shortcuts to different providers who offer streaming access to the most varied content in TV networks and movie theaters.

The list of add-ons to choose from is almost endless, and you can select and Add-on to enjoy the streaming of Sports, movies, TV shows, TV series, documentaries, cartoons and even adult entertainment. You can also install and Add-on to stream videos from YouTube, or to watch movies from Torrent sites.

More features

There is also Music and Pictures add-ons to choose from, and that will provide with the ultimate experience in home entertainment with this simple app. To install an Add-on, you just have to select from the Add-ons list on any of the main categories, and press on Install.

Once the process is finished, a small window will pop up informing you that the desired Add-on is installed. From this point on, there will be an icon for this add-on in the menu for the main categories. As an added feature, you have the category of Add-ons on the main menu. In this category you will find the many add-ons you have install on your KODI. You will also be able to manage your add-ons from this menu.


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