Install KODI fire stick

How to install kodi on Amazon fire stick KODI

Congratulations! You have now installed KODI, the multimedia entertainment application on your Amazon Fire TV stick, and we will present with a short guide on how to use fire stick KODI. You may use this application to watch live TV, your favorite TV shows and movies. KODI will spice up your Amazon Fire stick with cool add-ons that will enable you to watch the streaming content of your desire. This app is very easy to use and to manage, and it does not require registering an account to enjoy any of the content it offers.

How to use fire stick KODI for the first time

 The first basic steps you must follow to start enjoying this application comprise launching the app from the Fire stick menu.

To launch the app:

  • From the home screen, using your Fire stick remote control, scroll down to Settings and click on it.
  • Use the scroll on the remote to reach Applications and click on it.
  • Go to Manage Installed Applications. A menu with all the applications you have installed or were pre-installed on your Amazon Fire stick will display.
  • Scroll down until you see KODI (or XBMC. The previous app name).
  • Click on KODI and, from the options shown, click Launch application.
  • Now you will see the main menu for KODI, where you can select the desired option to enjoy live streaming content.

The main menu is very friendly and simple. It will display the basic options such as Pictures, Music, TV Shows and Movies. When selecting any of these, you will see two options: Files, which will take to a menu that will give you the possibility of watching any media that you have saved on an external storage source.

The second option is Add-ons. The app KODI uses add-ons to manage the streaming of content, from the Internet to your screen. This option will display a variety of stream providers already downloaded on your KODI. You will also see the option of Get more… By clicking this you will access an assortment of add-ons to download to your KODI, whether it is for TV shows, movies or even music, you have an amount of add-ons to choose from.


KODI the best app

If you desire to watch any new content using KODI, your favorite TV show or a movie, select your desired option from the main menu (TV Shows, Movies). Now, click on Add-ons to display the installed providers. Scroll down to see all the available add-ons installed on your KODI.

Once you select your preferred add-on, there will be a list displayed with all the movies or TV series that such Add-on will offer you. Most of the stream providers sort their content through categories (most viewed, most popular, on theaters, genre, year, etc.). Select your desired program to choose the streaming link.

In the case the first link you choose does not load the content, KODI will automatically select another working link. If the content is available it will load on your screen and you will enjoy your favorite TV Show or Movie without acquiring any further programming.

At any point you desire, you may pause the streaming without losing connection or may select another content to watch.



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