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Android meets TV Streaming: How to use KODI on Android

The popular application for home entertainment has become even more popular with its support for Android. This app is available for smartphones and tablets. It can also be downloaded on any device (TV or Smart box) that runs with Android. For those looking for an excellent app to watch streaming content wherever they are in the world, this article will show the basic steps on how to use KODI on Android.

This app is also great for organizing and managing all the media files (pictures, movies, videos) we have in your Android device. A fair warning comes handy: it is best to use this app with a Wi- Fi connection because the streaming of content uses a lot of data, and it could come a bit expensive to rely on our network carrier’s data plan.

There are two simple methods to obtain the app, as almost all the apps for Android devices. Youcould download KODI from its website or from your smartphone’s or tablet’s web browser to download an APK file to your device.

When the download finishes, you may select the APK file to install the app, following the usual instructions. The second method of installation is through the Play Store. Simply type “Kodi” on the Store’s search bar and download the app following the instructions; to make things even easier, you can go directly to the download page on the Play Store. Once installed on the Android device, it is time for some basic steps.

How to use KODI on Android: basic features

When launching the app from the device’s app drawer, the navigation menu will be displayed on the left-hand side of the screen (which is set by default on landscape view) with categories for Movies, TV Shows, Music, Pictures, Add-ons, and Settings.

One of the first steps is to import the media files to the app, that can configured following these steps

  • From the main menu of categories, select any of the options. (Pictures, for instance)
  • Next, tap on Add pictures and tap Browse.
  • Browse through the app’s directory to find the folder containing the media
  • To finish, tap OK.

The app will now update the library with all the media found on that folder.

KODI on Android

KODI runs in an Add-on based environment. So far, from the Play Store, we can only download the basic app. To watch any media content on streaming, select the Add-ons category from the KODI’s main menu.

Here we can download any content provider for any of the main media categories available in the app. By selecting the subcategory and tapping on Enter add-on browser, a list with all the providers available for that media will display on our Android device screen.

Once we have found a desired option we can install it by tapping on the Add-on and selecting Install. The app allows the installation of as many add-ons as desired. When installed, they will be display under each of the media categories from the main menu. It will suffice to select one category, such as video, tapping on any of the installed add-ons, and browse through the streaming content available. Enjoy!

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